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Why Compagnia del Colore Is Different!


1. Pharmaceutically grade color, no oxygen or human hands touch the color until the stylists open the tubes, making our dyes more vibrant and longer lasting in the hair.

2. 100% Oxidative dyes, there are no direct dyes in our permanent or demi permanent color. This allows the color to stay bright and with less fading of color, it also lets the colorist easily get the dye out of the hair if needed.
Chromium Molecule Pigmentation- micro nano dyes, that are the size of powdered sugar, more dyes enter the Cortex than regular dyes which are the size of granulated sugar, so you have a brilliant, long lasting color that doesn’t fade. Most dyes on the market are the size of granulated sugar, less dyes get into the hairshaft which means less vibrancy!

3. Low ammonia, it’s .54% in the regular permanent line on average and 1.25% in the highlift Superlighteners, in a low alkaline base. Smaller dyes means you don’t blow out the cuticle to get the dyes into the hair shaft, so you get longer lasting color with healthy shine.

4. Half of our conditioners are in the tube & the other half is in our dedicated developers, rich in coconut oils with nice fruity fragrance.

5. Deep conditioners like antioxidants Vitamin C, Orange Butter, Honey and Beeswax are built into the color so you get soft silky hair and high shine after it’s colored. These top notch ingredients have anti-smog, anti-ageing and help fight free radicals!

Compagnia Del Colore Italian hair color is a Sulfate & Paraben free hair color.

Compagnia Del Colore Italian hair color permanent coloring cream contains : Orange Butter and Honey.

I also use demi’s and glazes for midshaft and ends of hair which saves the integrity of your hair. I will NOT use permanent hair color down the shaft of your hair to cut costs which causes extreme dryness and fading to your hair. I would not want it done to my hair so I wouldn’t do it to yours.

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